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Formal meeting Sept 3rd – Agenda items needed

Please let us know what items thou want discussing at the formal meeting this month.

Full details available here

Please message us or better still come along and discuss what you want to.

Either way let us know the topic so we can put it on the Agenda – Deadline Sunday

Its your club and you should have your say in what its up to!

Sunday Gravel ride destination correction

The destination published previously for the gravel ride was wrong, Sorry.

Destination is not Parkhead but is Hownsgill.

Road ride will be heading tot he same cafe to hopefully arrive at the same time.

Events on website and facebook have been amended.


This weeks club runs

All club runs have been scheduled for this week and can be found here

Sundays social no drop ROAD ride starts at Broom Park Picnic area at the same time as the Gravel ride and the destination cafe is the same.

The route back is subject to change once I can figure a better way that isnt all main roads.

Hope to see you out and about


DCV away days launch September 8th 2018

DCV’s away days will launch on 8th Sept 2018 with a ride starting on Wylam and heading to Elsdon Cafe.

These rides are designed to give the faster and further riders (Average speed of 15/16mph) some routes outside of Durham.

Routes are being devised and lead by David Tomlinson at present and its hoped they will become a regular feature for DCV

If you ride sportives then this is a must for you, it may not have tshirt and a medal but its FREE!

Full details here


This weeks club runs in order of difficulty

Just a quick update on whats happening.

This is in order of difficulty

Monday 20th Social meeting, Kings Lodge 7.30pm – Very easy as we dont even ride! Just talk about cycling and the club, you can even have a Pint or Coffee.

Sunday 19th Gravel run – We are doing a new route this week. Its approx 25 miles mostly off road – its great for first timers so if your coming along just let us know so we can ensure we can support you.

Sunday Social Road Ride – NEED A RIDE LEADER so not yet scheduled. This is a social no drop club run so great for getting experience of riding together once you have a basic level of fitness.

Saturday 18th Faster and Further Club run – Corbridge this week and its 67 miles at approx 15/16 mph so you need to be on your game for this.

Thursday 16th Training ride – FAST and designed to stretch seasoned cyclists.

Full details are available here





DCV Away day club runs

DCV Secretary, David Tomlinson has put forward the idea of starting to run club runs that start outside Durham city.

The proposal is to run rides that people would need to drive to (either on their own or sharing a vehicle). To this end he has plotted a few routes to get feedback.

Can you let us know which of the routes you like and if your interested in doing the runs and when would suit.

These routes have been published on the DCV facebook forum but we decided to put them all in one place.

Suggested Routes

Route map for Hayden Bridge Alstom Brampton Loop 143k by David Tomlinson on

Route map for Yarrow Valley 2 Day Route by David Tomlinson on

Route map for Bellingham Newcastleton by David Tomlinson on

Route map for Elsdon Cafe Route by David Tomlinson on