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DCV Gilets coming very soon

DCV Kit manager John Hitch now has the samples of the new Gilets in hand.

A few of us got to try them at the formal meeting.

They will sell for £25 and be available to order really soon (we are finalising the online shop as we speak)

Saturday club run routes

It has been decided that we will schedule the routes for Saturday club runs in advance as we do with the Sunday runs.

To this end we want to build up a list of 8 runs which will start at Low Burn Hall.

These runs will then be scheduled in advance along with full plotaroute routes (Gpx files of which can be downloaded)

Please let us know your suggested routes and we will decide upon the 8 at a special meeting run along side the social meeting on April 23rd.

At the meeting we will decide on the best 8 routes and then plot the routes for each of them ahead of scheduling when they will be ridden.

Please let us know your suggestions ahead of the meeting and come along so we can work with you to plot the routes.

Saturday club runs 9am start trial

At the formal meeting it was requested that Saturday club runs start at 9am.

A proposal to trial this until the next formal meeting (May14th) where it will be reviewed and a vote taken on making it permanent.

There was confusion with this last Saturday with the main run leaving at 9 whilst others arrived at 10.

Please note all Saturday club runs up to and including May 12th will start at 9am.

Birthday club run report and photos

Dispite a dodgy forecast we had a turnout of 23 people for our 3rd birthday club Run.

A two route ride to park head station cafe, saw a large group go via the railway path and another smaller group went via the road. David Tomlinson’s planned routes worked perfectly with both groups arriving within 10 minutes of each other.

It was cold up at park head but with little wind it was bearable. The snow covering higher up was a great sight. It’s kind of another world up there.

What a great way to mark turning 3 years old, hope everyone enjoyed it!

On a personal note I’m really proud of what we have done in the past 3 years and am looking forward to the future with a great bunch of club mates, thanks to you all.




Club points, competitions and rewards 2018

Club competitions Run from 1st April 2018

To be administered on the club membership system by David Kell
Ride leaders can register attendees or send list to David
Need to be a fully paid member to qualify for points

Points competitions
Club Run Points – Quarterly medal & Annually retained trophy – Based on Club Run & leader Points
Member participation – Annual – Based on points for meetings and events
Club Run Leader Points – Annual – Based on the club run leader points

Strava competitions
Mileage – Quarterly medal & Annually retained trophy – Based only on Strava mileage – must be a member of Strava Club and submit an email with screen shot of miles within 5 days of the end of each quarter to David Kell.
Climbing – Quarterly (medal) & Annually retained trophy – Based only on Strava climbing – must be a member of Strava Club and submit an email with screen shot of climbing within 5 days of the end of each quarter to David Kell.
NOTE – To qualify for Strava competitions you must have attended 1 club Run and 1 social event per quarter. 4 of each to qualify for annual competition.

Club Runs – 50 club run points gets a £5 voucher off club kit
Club Run Leaders – 20 club run leader points gets a £20 voucher off club kit

Points allocation
Attend a club meeting or event 1point
Ride an official club run 2points
Lead an official club run 2points

Events of interest launch – VIDEO

Dave Nicholson has done a great job setting up a list of cycling events put on by others on the Facebook DCV Forum

To view them please go along to –

If you find a facebook event you want to add to the list then simply share it as a post to the DCV Forum and it will appear.

Some of these events would be great to attend/enter as a club so let everyone know if your interested or intend to go.

Heres a quick video explain it all.

DCV Strava Club

Did you know we have a Strava club and it’s exclusively for full members only.

Go have a look here

If your a member and not in the group then just ask to join and our admin will approve you.

Now we are getting on top of our membership admin we have gone through the Strava group and removed non members. If we have removed you by mistake please ask to be added again. Check if your membership is up to date by visiting the membership section of the website and logging in using your email address (no password needed)

New membership system LIVE

Our new membership system has gone live and is available on our website here

The new system from membermojo gives us more features including –

  • email reminders
  • membership cards with emergency contact details
  • easy login – no passwords just need your email address
  • cash payments as well as cards
  • offline membership at meetings

and other features we will be adding in the future.

If your an existing member then please visit the system now and ensure your details are correct. We can’t send cards out until we have your emergency contacts and medical condition details.

If you don’t know your renewal date or are having any issues please contact us on or pop to a meeting.