Pearl Izumi Promotion Saturday May 21st

Details of the Promo day are below.

This is a great opportunity to promote our club.

Those who are attending please confirm your attendance with George Kinghorn.

If you have club kit please wear it

Information from Durham Council

The day will be two fold, primarily to promote the tour series through flyers that will be distributed by a company working on DCC behalf , secondary  you the clubs who will be participating in the support activities at the tour series will be able to let public know about yourselves.

On the promo day we have been allocated a space on the market place where Hetton Hawks will erect their 5m gazebo and Durham City Velo will erect their 3m Gazebo, these will be used to cover cyclists of the clubs who attend to use their training/warm up rollers.

I will be erecting a banner to promote the tour, you may bring pop up banners or your own pvc banners/boards etc if you wish.

Additionally Colin Wilkes the market manager will be providing a brass band to draw further attention to our area.

The gazebo set up will be at around  10.00am, with activity and flyer distribution beginning  around 11.00am through to 2.00pm.

Anything you bring such as your bikes, rollers etc will need to be carried in and out as no vehicle access is allowed to the market place in the period we are present.

There will be the possibility of press attendance to cover our promo day.