Ready to Ride Youth Cycle Coaching

Has your child just moved to cycling with no stabilisers? Are they eager to get into club or group riding but they’re not quite ready? Do you want to ride as a family confidently and safely? Is it time to get cycling to school?

Durham City Velo are offering a six week programme to build basic cycling skills in children who are new to cycling.

The programme aims to build basic cycling skills so your early rider can:

– understand their bike and bike safety

– balance, brake and corner with confidence

– use gears effectively – ride as part of a group safely

– start to race and get into specific disciplines such as mountain biking and BMX

After the six weeks we will host a family ride along the Lanchester Railway Path to put those new skills to the test and rope the parents and carers in too!

The six week programme will run on Sundays 3pm to 4.20 pm from June 3rd to July 8th 2018. NOTE the June 3rd session will start at 2pm to allow for registration and bike checks.

The celebratory family ride will be on Sunday 15th July when we will ride from Bear Park along the Lanchester Railway Path. Weather permitting, we hope to have a BBQ in the Bear Park picnic area.


The six week programme will be £18 in total for DCV members (membership details here) and £24 for non-members. Places are limited to 20 and they will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Places must be booked and paid for online by 2nd June – Sorry but we are unable to accept riders onto the course after it starts.

Purchase your places here

The family ride will be free. However, voluntary contributions for the BBQ are welcome. [TBC]

Session Content

Session Session goal Cycling techniques to be coached Session Date
1 By the end of this session, riders will be able to safely and confidently ride one-handed and pass a water bottle to another rider on the straights around an oval track. Bike Handling Techniques: Manipulating Points of Contact, and Balance and Coordination 3rd June 2018
2 By the end of this session, riders will be able to brake confidently and efficiently in a straight line on a range of different surfaces and change direction quickly and efficiently. Bike Handling and Core Cycling Techniques: (Weight Shift, and Balance and Control; Ready Position; Braking) 10th June 2018
3 By the end of this session, riders will be able to confidently negotiate several corners in succession, selecting the most efficient line of travel. Bike Handling and Core Cycling Techniques: Balance and Coordination, Cornering and Gear Selection 17th June 2018
4 By the end of this session, riders will be able to corner effectively after a descent. Core Cycling Techniques: Descending, Cornering and Gear Selection 24th June 2018
5 By the end of this session, riders will be able to: 1.use pedals and gears effectively to climb after cornering. an appropriate gear for, and cornering while, climbing and descending. Core Cycling Techniques: Climbing, Cornering and Gear Selection; Climbing, Descending and Gear Selection 1st July 2018
6 By the end of this session, riders will be able to: 1. position themselves suitably within a group at the start of an event, ready to begin 2.ride with awareness and confidence when riding with others Core Cycling and Group Riding Techniques: Mounting, Gear Selection and Riding Surrounded by Other Riders; Leading and Following, and Riding Surrounded by Other Riders; 8th July 2018

Certificates and Medals

Upon gaining of competency each week the riders will receive a certificate and those that complete all 6 sessions will receive a medal at the celebratory ride.

Get Stuck In

Parents and carers don’t get off lightly! Although the sessions are specifically for the children, what they learn needs to be practiced and reinforced at home and in their regular biking activity. Parents and carers will be encouraged to carry out the basic bike checks and skills throughout the programme to help you keep the learning going.

Children will require and parent or carer to remain present throughout.

Bikes and Equipment

Riders must have their own bike and helmet in good working order. Geared bikes are not essential.

We will run a free bike check session for parents and carers before the first session on Sunday 3rd June. The session will start at 2pm and cover the absolute basics in bike checks and maintenance.

Unfortunately any bikes (and helmets) found not to be safe and serviceable before the cycling sessions will mean that the child cannot participate. We therefore advise that bikes and helmets are checked over in advance.


All sessions are run by British Cycling Level 2 qualified coaches.