Youth Coaching Sessions

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We hold regular coaching session, ran by British Cycling coaches, at our closed road training facility, Sniperley Park and Ride, just outside Durham city. See the Youth Coaching calendar for full details of location, time and costs.

Riders of all ages up to 16 years of age and abilities are welcomed, We split the group into ability clusters to ensure coaching is to the right level.

We use the following framework to run the sessions –

  • Introduction – Explain who, what, why, when, how in club house
  • Assessment – Find out who is new and what level they are at
  • Grouping – Divide group into ability clusters
  • Coaching – Deliver a session explaining theory and technique on a specific area e.g. Cornering, Braking etc. Deliver this in the skills area in the centre of the park.
  • Practice Ride – Get riders out on circuit to practice what they have learned in the coaching session as soon as they have demonstrated they are able to carry out the instructions (Beginners may stay in the central skills area until confident to go onto circuit). Coaches watch circuit riding and highlight areas to improve.
  • Skills Practice– Riders practice skills around slalom courses
  • Summary Session– In club house – Reinforce what has been learned and hold a questions and answers questions. Outline upcoming opportunities – Club runs, sportives and races etc with advise what’s needed to access and succeed in those.
  • Fun Finish – Time everyone on how long they can do planks.


Watch the kids enjoy themselves whilst you keep warm from the club house (ticket office) This features fully glazed viewing to 3 sides, toilets and warmth from the heating system.

You can also enjoy a selection of Drinks and Food from the Pedal Monkey PopUp Cafe

Serving a selection of Coffees, Tea and soft drinks alongside snacks and treats such as cookies, muffins and cakes.


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