DCV 2017 AGM Notes

Monday 13th Feb saw the 2nd DCV Annual General Meeting

Full Minutes to follow but heres a quick note of what happened.

Officials Elected

  • Chairman: George Kinghorn
  • Treasurer: Steve Down
  • Secretary: Angela Phillips
  • Welfare Officer: Gordon Kirkup

Finances – in good health – Membership fees held at 2016 levels

Committee structure – no formal committee but individuals taking responsibility for areas within the club (see below) and the first social meeting of each month to be used as a forum for discussion, planning and decision. If things felt to be needed to be voted on by whole club then an online vote will be published.

Club Runs

Saturday and Sunday Club runs to stat from Kings Lodge from Saturday 18th Feb. Hotel opens early and you can get coffees, breakfasts as required. They have bike racks and are happy for us to park there so long as we spend a bit of money in there (which we do as all social meetings are also held there)

No Drop Saturday runs – all agreed this is the central focus of the club as it encourages newcomers so has to be ran regularly. Agreed to run every Saturday at 10am as we have been. Default position is a leaderless run destination decided on day if no leader/planner can be found. If leader comes forward they need to decide route by the preceding Tuesday to allow publication by the Wednesday. Club members to be encouraged to take turns leading. We will build a library of common runs online as this allows newcomers to know what the route is like in advance.

Graham Thompson & Neil Morton taking on management of these. They will be working with you all to get Leaders for rides and then feeding in details to the Facebook group and Website once agreed, not necessarily being the ride leaders themselves.

Track and Trail Tuesdays – Mostly off road ride designed to be safer over winter but proved popular during last spring / summer so ran all year now. Still running from Stone Bridge pub but with lower numbers, look at ways of rekindling. Possible other routes in spring/summer. (see below for launch of trial Sunday version)

Jamie Jackson taking on management.

Thursday Training Rides – To be restarted in Spring when lighter nights here. A run designed for a faster paced training ride where people not fast enough will be dropped but encouraged to get fitter to stay with group.

Graham Thompson to carry on where he left off last year when riders feel its safe to do so

Sundays – NEW

Faster & Further Sundays – NEW RUN to cater for the faster amongst us. To be ran from Kings Lodge at a regular agreed time. Needs to be trialled and refined.

To be managed by the faster rider group.

Track and Trails Sundays – NEW RUN to attract those who want a gentle off road ride to be routed along railway lines. To encourage plodders, families and entry level riders.

Initially run fortnightly by Jamie Jackson

Membership management and Benefits

We aim to get better at this with more renewal notifications and partnerships with shops / suppliers.

Angela Phillips will be taking on this role

Social Events – Another cornerstone of the club, social meetings will now be on Mondays at 7pm to 9pm each week from 20th February. This is to avoid clashes with racing events later in the season. These meetings now feature a fun quiz and the first one of each month will also be a planning and deciding meeting for any plans.

Adhoc events to also be added in future.

John Hitsh to become Social Secretary to manage and grow events

Youth Coaching

This was established and grew fantastically last year. We will restart in March with the aim to run coaching 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. We need more support form current members and parents of kids. Ultimate aim to build a youth racing team.

George Kinghorn to manage this

Club Competitions –  We have two awards ate present and we want to grow to more to recognise achievements.

David Kell to look into this

Presentation Event – Annual prize giving. Need to decide on awards and organise event.

Simon Kepczyk to work with John Hitch on this

Racing – Senior Team

Interest was expressed in setting up a senior racing team to take part in a number of cycling disciplines.

Neil Morton has experience and contacts for this so will work with Graham Thompson on it


As ever DCV is a club for the members so if there is anything else anyone wants to do please contact the officials or come along to the social meetings to discuss.