DCV Christmas Party / Club Run information

It Christmasssssssssssssssssssssssssssss – as Noddy says!

Christmas Doo Friday Dec 7th

21 People have booked and paid so we look forward to celebrating together

Pre party drinks – if you fancy a beer before going to the Kings Lodge we will meet in the Station House at 6.30.

Food will be served in the Kings Lodge at 7.30 so we need to be seated and ready by then.

Christmas Club Run Sunday Dec 9th

Looks like around 15 of us have replied saying we are going – please get in touch if you also intend to join us.

CASH ONLY in the Cafe

Full details http://durhamcityvelo.cc/event/dcv-christmas-club-run-to-causey-arch-cafe-2-routes/here