DCV formal meeting minutes Jan 8th 2018

DCV Formal Meeting – Monday 8th December 2018


George Kinghorn (Chairperson)
Ian Buil
Paul Bosomworth
Dave Tomlinson
John Hitch
Neil Morton
Jackie Morton

Apologies: Neville Cain & Joschka Roffe

George opened the meeting

To minimise any “lull” in activity all agreed to focus on organising AGM in February to allow election of new Chairman and committee then have open discussion for reminder of meeting.

Aim to have it 1st Monday/Tuesday in February (reason for possible move to Tuesday is so Neville Cain may be able to attend as he is willing to get involved in committee roles)

Decided not to have AGM and awards night at same time as not enough time to organise award trophy’s. Awards to be held after and AGM to be used to identify someone to organise.

John hitch to find a venue that can offer refreshments and buffet (or allow us to bring buffet)

Action points
GK to contact Neville to find out availability
JH to look into Prison officers club as venue

Club officials
David Tomlinson has expressed an interest in becoming Chairman for a year. He stressed he thinks the chairmanship should be a fixed term job changing yearly.

George is happy to move to a role as president to allow smooth handover and continuity but with minimal involvement in 2018 due to previously stated other commitments.

Jackie Morton has expressed and interest to become Treasurer

Neville Cain has expressed an interest in getting involved in helping with organisation.

Angela Phillips has previously stated an intent to remain as Secretary (confirmation needed)

Gordon Kirkup has previously stated and intent to remain Welfare Officer (confirmation needed)

Any other expressions of interest in rolls are needed ahead of the AGM

All of these rolls need to be formalised at the AGM and the new chairman then to work with team to take the club forward

George to gain confirmation where needed.

Club Runs

Feedback has been received that “Faster Riders” have decided not to ride with the club as the traditional club runs are putting them off as its too slow. To rectify this we will trial having a Fast and Medium group at each ride. The Fast group to ride to the same café by any route they like ideally to arrive around the same time but not necessarily. Attendees understand that faster riders may find the steady pace a frustration so this is to try to accommodate them better.

The importance and focus of all club activities should be encouraging group riding at what ever pace is required by the riders.

Ride scheduling – it was agreed that we will trial scheduling Saturday runs that leave the Cock o the North car park (felt a better starting point) with no fixed destination. Route to be around 40 miles. Destination/route to be agreed by group on the day unless a ride leader wants to suggest one before and lead the ride.

Riding as a group is still the desire and the split into two groups will hopefully facilitate this.

GK to schedule Saturday runs for Jan with new trial structure

New Club runs

David Tomlinson restated a desire to arrange “on tour” rides with starting points outside of the City. This was received well and a desire to further this post AGM was the consensus.

Club Kit
Joschka Roffe sent a message ahead of meeting to ask on a discussion on kit availability. George needs to follow up with Angela to get things up to speed.

GK to work with Angela to rekindle supply and find a possible supplier for low cost Gillet for members.

With no further business to discuss, George closed the meeting.