New DCV Club Run Structure

We are maturing as a club and now have multiple club runs in an attempt to have something that suits everyone. Here’s how things shape up now.

Our calendar is here

Sunday Gravel Club Run– An idea off road ride of around 30 miles for those just getting into group riding or not wanting to take to the road. Gravel, Cyclocross  or Mountain bikes all year with Hybrids and road bikes usable in the SummerNo drop and its a straight line with cafe stop so no getting lost! If your a beginner let us know so we can ensure someone will be there to ride with you.

Sunday Road Club Run – A no drop group ride of around 40 miles on the road. The original DCV no drop ride where no one gets left behind. Riders will regroup at the top of climbs to regroup. Road bikes required. If your new to riding we suggest going on the gravel ride first to ease yourself in. Contact us if its your first time out to discuss.

Saturday Road Faster & Further Club Run – As the name suggests ifs faster and further than the Sunday club run. Approx 50/60 mile and 15/16 mph average. Rod bikes required. Not recommended for beginners. If the group splits up it will reform so no one gets left behind but you need to be close in pace to the main riders.

Thursday Training rides – This is a test of speed and strength at approx 30 miles and 17mph + If your on this ride your expected to know the route and may be dropped until you can stick with the group but that’s all part of the fun! Contact us if its your first time out to discuss.

Want to find out more? Contact us here or come along to our social meetings – details in the events section