2019 Club Kit proposal information

A proposal to investigate a change to the clubs kit supplier was made at the 2019 AGM and it was agreed that Peter Frankland would feedback at a meeting on May 20th. These proposals will now be voted on by members in a meeting on that meeting  at the Rowing Club on Monday 20th May 2019. Below are the details of the different choices.

The information is split into the 3 key areas up for discussion –

  1. Kit supplier
  2. Kit design
  3. Kit subsidy through sponsorship

1. Kit Supplier

We currently use Kalas for our club kit and the proposed new supplier is Provision. Provision has supplied samples in return for a deposit which we have not been able to do with Kalas.


To make a direct comparison between the two the following table shows the cost price (including VAT but excluding delivery) of the three main pieces of kit we have found that riders want. These are all mens pricing to make a simpler comparison but a full price list has been provided to members via email.

Basic Short Sleeve Jersey43.8045.00
Long Sleeve jersey63.0060.00

Lead times

Kalas4 to 6 weeks from order
Provision5 weeks from order

Minimum order

Kalas5 items – mix of different items (i.e. not all the same)
Provision10 items – mix of different items (i.e. not all the same)

Provision notes

Initial order 5 per individual item (e.g. 5 x short sleeve mens, 5 x long sleeve mens etc)

Subsequent orders 10 items which can be a mix of different items (i.e. not all the same)

Provision also offers the option of ordering items in one offs with a 15% surcharge (e.g. a Long sleeve jersey which would be £50 in a bulk order of 10 will then be £57.50)


Kalas£8.28 (free over £500)Not Available

2.Kit Design

A proposed change of design has been produced by Provision. Design is very much a matter of personal opinion, so it is up to members to decide which they prefer.

DCV Provision Jersey Design

Points to note / discuss

  • We can use either old or new design with either supplier.
  • Either design can be used with / without sponsors logos
  • By changing the kit design it makes the old kit design obsolete for those who have already invested in it.
  • There is the possibility of having both designs available but this adds complexity. British cycling only allows one jersey design to be used for those wanting to compete. This doesn’t however stop the club having two designs, it just means anyone competing in BC events would need the designated one.

3.Kit subsidy through sponsorship

A sponsor has been identified who is willing to contribute £2000 towards kit subsidy in return for having their logo on the jersey. This would mean a proposed reduction of 25% on the kit whilst the monies are available.

In return for the sponsorship we are told that they want as many people as possible to be wearing the sponsored kit whilst on club runs. They understand that some riders will ride in previously bought kit but would encourage them to buy the new kit displaying their logo. The deal means that their logo has to appear on club kit for a 2 year period.

Kit reduction example – Short Sleeve jersey Regular price £45 Subsidised price £33.75

Points to note / discuss

  • Do members feel the need for a sponsor to reduce the price of kit?
  • How much kit subsidy does each member get as it is a limited pot?
  • What happens after the two years?
  • What happens if the pot runs out before the two years?