DCV Formal Meeting Minutes – Monday 4th December 2017

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George Kinghorn (Chairperson)

Angela Phillips (Secretary)

Steve Down

Ian Buil

Neil Aldworth

Mark Lowery

Ray Watson

Chris Graham

Paul Bosomworth

Dave Kell

Dave Tomlinson

John Hitch

Neil Morton


Apologies: None


George opened the meeting by thanking everyone for attending and explaining that an agenda had not been prepared to allow for an open discussion regarding any issues members wished to raise.


GK – George informed members that he intended to step down as chairperson at the next AGM as he was unable to commit to moving the club forward due the ever increasing workload of his two businesses. This was not a decision he had taken lightly but one that would enable the club to develop as it should under the guidance of a new chairperson. He added that if members had not renewed their membership by December, they would be removed from the Strava Club. A reminder email would be sent out shortly by him to this effect.


George then asked members what they felt the goal of the club should be. Members replied that they wished to be an inclusive club despite not currently organising any events of their own. He also queried whether mountain biking (MTB) was to be included in club activities. Members replied that Tracks n Trails was a popular club activity and therefore should continue to be run by the club. The issue of cancelled rides was then raised by George with members agreeing that it should be the decision of the ride leader (RL) whether a planned ride should go ahead.


NM – Neil added that a default ride might be the way forward in such cases such as a coastal ride to Seaham.


GK – George informed members that the Boxing Day ride was still to be finalised and asked if the ride leader’s mobile number should be made available to participants on a club ride. This was agreed by members and to be included in the event post on the Facebook page in future.


DT – Dave raised the issue of the club ride starting point. He stated that starting in Durham City causes problems with traffic on a Saturday, resulting in the group being split quite quickly at junctions and roundabouts.


GK – In response, George suggested using the Stonebridge Inn as an alternative.


SD – Steve added that there was a little car park near The Cock of the North and Durham Johnston School which would also be suitable.


NM – Neil informed members that Sunday club rides (road) would begin after the winter period.


DT – Dave suggested that the club could consider alternating rides between the track (CX/MTB) and the road to provide variety for members/participants.


GK – George raised the issue of awards at the forthcoming AGM. Trophies would be awarded for points gained throughout the year by members participating in club activities. He added that additional points could be awarded to those who had led rides with 2 points being awarded to RLs and 1 point to participants. He also suggested that points could be redeemed for vouchers if members were in agreement. George then raised the issue of the formal structure of committee meetings, to be discussed at the AGM, with a suggestion of holding quarterly meetings. Members felt meetings should not be so frequent to avoid meetings taking place for meetings sake.


DT – Dave queried whether ABC rides should be provided by the club as they are by others. He suggested that the RLs could agree to meet at a particular cafe with a different route for each ride. This was discussed by members with a final decision yet to be made.


GK – George queried whether the destination point of the Saturday club ride should be arranged on the day.


SD – Steve replied that participants like to know in advance the route to be taken.


ML – Mark proposed a 4 week plan of known club rides which could then be alternated.


GK – George suggested that there be a RL group for the club, spreading the responsibility of leading rides between more of its members.


NA – Neil queried why members didn’t want to lead rides. George replied that it was the responsibility and also the need for RL training. He added that group riding skills would also be a positive move as this would not only encourage RLs but also improve the experience of club rides.


ML – Mark added that changing the RL during rides might also be a way to share the responsibility.


GK – George suggested that the club could also buy a Garmin to support RLs and that a group riding video could be attached to each club ride event. This was well received by members. He then asked whether the video updates he was posting should continue. Members were totally in agreement with this as they found them extremely useful and a quick way to access club information.


DT – Dave suggested that the club organise some short touring events for summer 2017. Like a sportive, members could agree on a different area to cycle in and then share cars or travel by train to the starting/finishing point. He then raised the issue that a vote would be needed at the next AGM if George was to step down as chairperson.


NM – Neil proposed that a vice chairperson would be a good idea, freeing up George to take care of his businesses. George was in full agreement of this.


DT – Dave responded that he was prepared to be more active in the club which was very well received by members. He then added that the club needed to stipulate that the Saturday club ride was only suitable for a road bike when posting the event. This would prevent MTB riders from falling behind others due to pace/bike ability.


ML – Mark raised the point that the club kit should be worn by members when participating in events to promote the club. It was also discussed that the purchase of a club gilet could be the first stage to purchasing club kit, making it more affordable.


AP – Angela will prepare a welcome email for new members/renewal memberships and forward membership cards to members once a stock is received from George.


With no further business to discuss, George closed the meeting.