DCV Thursday Training Ride review

We have been running the Training Rides on a Thursday night now for a few months and I just wanted to review them and get everyone’s feedback. Please email us or comment on the facebook post with any comments or suggestions.


The Thursday night rides are aimed at strong riders who are wanting to cycle to get fitter and/or train for racing.

The idea is to have a fast paced ride and inevitably this will mean some people will get dropped from the group until they are string enough.

The ride has been run without a leader and I believe that its just a case of turning up and hoping that someone is there who knows the route.

I feel its essential that we have a ride like this to cater for a stronger members.

For reference here is an Event description from back in April –

“DCV Thursday Training Ride


28 mile ride starting from the rowing club, not to long and not to short! Now that it’s lighter and we can actually see where everyone is we’ll be looking to start running a chain gang type format. we’re gonna keep it as one group for now and see how it goes, if two groups naturally form then great we’ll have a two group ride.. we’ve all ridden together quite a bit now so we all know who to sit with and what wheels to sit on etc so should work quite well.

Please remember this is a training ride, so no hybrid or cross bikes now, most guys have broke the summer beast out by now, so lets keep it road bikes all round. The ride will be around 16-20 mph depending on what groups form etc

Road etiquette – Can we all make sure we’re pointing/shouting out holes, parked cars, oncoming cars, half off if needed and please NO half wheeling! it’s super dangerous! No one wants a crash on their expensive summer bikes. Also I shouldn’t have to say this but no more than two abreast! I’ve seen people 3 abreast on previous rides, single out where need be and wave traffic through if the roads clear ahead. Lets make this ride work properly and draw some new members in!”

Feedback needed

I don’t attend this ride as I’m not into cycling to get fitter and I’m not racing at present so I’m needing feedback on the following.

  1. Should the ride be “leaderless” and all participants required to know the route before attending to allow them to ride it if no other experienced members are in attendance or if they get dropped.
  2. Ive received comments that the rides are getting a bit “messy” with the group not riding in 2×2 formation and stringing out. Does this need some training / practice?
  3. Communication – how do we communicate this best, I think a core of people have been communicating about the ride via a facebook chat group, however this is hidden away and not as inclusive as I would like it to be

As always the club is based around the needs of its members so I need feedback on how best to move forward with this.

If you would prefer not to comment publicly then PLEASE email me here