NEWS – Clubs Runs, Formal Meeting & more

Here’s a quick round up of whats going on

Georges absence

First of all Id like to apologise for not being around this week till now – Ive had a gum infection but back at work now. Unfortunately dont think I will be able to ride this weekend but should be at the social on Monday.

Club Runs

Saturday Faster & Further Rode Club Run – This Saturday sees the first in what will hopefully become a series of away day rides (club runs not starting in Durham city) This sees David Tomlinson leading a loop ride from Wylam and visiting Elsdon Cafe. Please turn out and support this if you want to see these grow.

Saturday one off gravel ride to Hownsgill – With no Saturday club run Dave and Karen have stepped up to lead an alternative ride up the lines to Hownsgill. 9.30 start at Broompark, please let Dave and Karen know if your turning out

Sunday Gravel club run to Hownsgill – Gravel season has started and Neil will be leading the regular ride up to Hownsgill

No Sunday road ride? – George was hoping to lead a road ride up to Hownsgill on Sunday but due to illness cant. If you want to ride that route and know it let us know so we can publish it 

Formal Meeting

Thanks to all who turned out for the formal meeting on Monday 3rd Sept. Not many turned out so we have decided to change the formal meeting format. To increase engagement – remember that this club is run to allow its members to do what they want on a bike – we have decided to stop monthly formal meetings and to instead hold our AGM in February as usual before the summer cycling season along with a new October General Meeting ahead of the winter season.

NEW October General meeting

The October General Meeting will be held in a formal meeting room and have a firm agenda, date and location to be confirmed soon.

2018 has seen the club make great strides after the lull in 2017. We now have 2 different levels of road rides, gravel rides and a weekly training ride. Event rides such as the Tour de Yorkshire and the new away days have been popular.  October will see the club run its first Cyclocross race. These along with a weekly social meeting has solidified the club and given us an excellent foundation.

Dave Tomlinson and I feel it is now time to move onto the next level and want to discuss the following at the October General meeting but need your attendance and engagement to shape the next stage. Below are some of the things we want to discuss and we need your agenda items as soon as possible.

  • Club run leaders. We have a core of Chris, Joshka and Neil who lead runs almost every week. Dave Tomlinson and I also lead runs when we can. Gordon and a couple of others have also lead rides this year. This is all fantastic but we need to support these leaders so they are not responsible every week. The Thursday training ride ends as nights draw in but we are also loosing its leader as Joschka moves away, so this needs a plan putting in place.
  • Club membership. We currently stand at 59 full members with a further 15 additional family members, more members mean more people to ride with so we need to push to increase this to at least 100. We need to have a promotional plan.
  • Major event- Resurrect the Beast Sportive? It would be great to have a centre piece event for the club and as we exist to encourage people to ride their bikes together why dont we organise a DCV sportive, initial exploring the idea of running the DCV Beast in Sept 2019

Then its over to you to discuss what you want to do as a club – please contact me, George Kinghorn or David Tomlinson via email, facebook, phone or in person to let us know what you think.