DCV AGM 2018 Minutes

DCV AGM 2018 – minutes of meeting (5th February 2018)

DCV Annual General Meeting – Monday 5th February 2018


George Kinghorn (Chairperson)

Angela Phillips (Secretary)

Steve Down (Treasurer)

Gary Abela

Harry Walker

Dave Tomlinson

Paul Bosomworth

Gordon Kirkup

John Hitch

David Nicholson

Karen Partington

Iain Buil

Neville Cain

Chris Graham

Joschka Rafte

Neil Aldworth

Mark Lowery

David Kell

Neil Morton


Apologies: None


Chairperson’s Statement


George opened the meeting by thanking everyone for attending and revisiting the minutes of the previous AGM (2017). He pointed out matters previously raised which had been successfully carried out by the club since as well as those which hadn’t, due to lack of ownership by the membership. He pointed out that from January 2018, Sunday runs were being carried by Neil Morton in addition to those on a Saturday. He also raised the issue of club discount with the suggestion of approaching Cycle World in Sunderland (TBC).


George reiterated the fact that he would be continuing his role as Chairperson albeit to a reduced level due to concentrating on his businesses as well as continuing to provide I.T. support to the club.


Treasurer’s Statement


SD confirmed that the club had paid out £377 by way of affiliations, web fees and catering whilst receiving £600 into club funds via club memberships. He provided a full breakdown of financial transactions and raised the issue that transactions didn’t include fees for affiliation to the RTTC (Road Time Trials Council) for time trials (T.T.s).


George queried whether the club wished to be involved in T.T.s.


GK replied that it would give the club credibility and queried the number of members who would like to be involved in such. Following a positive show of hands, it was decided that the issue would be discussed at the next formal meeting.


Election of Officials


The following official roles were proposed and seconded by members:


  • Chairperson – George Kinghorn
  • Secretary – DT
  • Treasurer – Jackie Morton
  • Welfare Officer – GK
  • Go Ride Contact – AP


Club Goals Management Structure


George queried what the membership would like to see as the goal of the club, suggesting the simple objective ‘To ride together’. He added that there was no formal committee meeting as it had been agreed that the formal meeting on the first Monday of the month would be such.


DT queried whether these meetings would be minuted to which George responded that they would.


New Membership System


George explained that the BC system the club is currently using isn’t meeting the needs of the club as it doesn’t provide welcome emails or membership reminders unless members are also a BC member. Therefore, he proposed that the club change to using Membermojo which did provide all of this. He added that the system was both available online and offline, provided branded membership cards (QR code, photo, logo and contact details), a membership welcome pack (via email) and sends emails. He explained that there is an annual fee based on the number of members which includes email support and all online functions (membership database, custom forms, automatic renewal reminders, mailing lists, member directory, attendance register, mobile support, self-print membership cards, PayPal and offline payment processing).

An optional add-on service is a full colour double sided plastic membership card printed from the membership database and delivered direct to the club or to each member’s address. Therefore, the cost of using such a system would involve a membership card fee of £3.00 to members. George then raised the issue of the club membership fee asking if members would like to continue paying the current individual fee of £16 which would provide £12 to the club after covering the £3 membership card payment and the annual system software fee of £1. The membership agreed to continue the current rate of membership fee with a positive show of hands.


DT suggested that there be an unwaged membership fee in line with other clubs. This would be considered at the next formal meeting.


PB asked whether the membership fee would include insurance.


George replied that it wouldn’t but pointed out that the BC system didn’t either unless you had also taken out BC membership.


DT suggested using Cycling UK membership in order to gain insurance for members. This was accepted as possibility and would be discussed at the next formal meeting.


NC asked how club membership fees would be used, suggesting holding maintenance sessions.


DT confirmed that Evans could provide cycle maintenance sessions for the club.


DK raised the issue of buying a Garmin for the ride leaders which was well received by the group.


NM suggested purchasing club gilets or road tops in different sizes to sell to new members, creating unity and providing a low cost starter kit option.


Election of Non Mandatory Roles


George reminded the group that it had been identified in previous meetings that other roles which were not mandatory were desired/needed by the club. The following non-formal roles were proposed and seconded by members:


  • Membership Secretary – AP
  • Kit Co-ordinator – JH
  • Club Run Captain – NM
  • Events Secretary – IB
  • Social Secretary – JH
  • Club Points Coordinator – DK
  • IT Systems – George Kinghorn
  • Ride Leaders (RLs) – various (see below)


George raised the question of the Strava Group being a resource for members only. This was unanimously agreed by the group. In relation to club kit, he suggested that the club could brand a cheaper gilet for approximately £20 – £25.


DT responded with the suggestion that the club increase the membership fee to £30 to include a gilet or cycling top.


JR suggested that ride leaders use Strava instead of Plotaroute when planning rides as he had experienced problems when trying to download routes on to his mobile phone.


George replied that there shouldn’t be a problem as long as the files were GPX.


NM added that there should always be a default run in preparation for inclement weather conditions.


DN added that there should be 8 regular routes from which 4 could be selected each week by RLs. These could then be downloaded by participants on to their Garmin if so wished.


DT further added that there should be a range (8-10) winter rides between Nov and March held within a library.


George suggested that prospective RLs speak to existing RLs to gain insight and experience. He also responded to the suggestion of providing A & B rides by pointing out there were insufficient members at present, adding that Thurs sessions were intended to meet this need.


ML proposed that South Durham members could be RLs for that area.


George added that a buddy system would be a positive move for the club to support new members. He then moved on to discuss events beginning with the successful Monday meetups suggested by JH. He then suggested the arranging of other social events by the club such as away days and curry evenings.


NC proposed a visit to Manchester Velodrome.


NM added the proposal of a track session at Middlesbrough Sports Village.

George concluded the discussion on events by suggesting that the club present prizes at the formal meeting on a Monday to those who have earned such through the club points incentive scheme.




George suggested that members might like to support roles within the club. NC replied that this was something he would like to do to which George suggested the role of vice secretary. This was accepted by NC.


George then suggested that the next four weeks of rides should be discussed at the next formal meeting.


NM replied that the weather should improve after February so it would be better to delay this.


DK stated that he was unable to download a file on DCV Forum to which George replied that he would investigate.


George reminded the group that he was participating in the 3 day Vintage Bike Festival in Buxton, Derbyshire and wondered if this should be a club event.


NM suggested that the club join the Youth Hostel Association (YHA) which costs approximately £40 per year.


With no further business to discuss George closed the meeting.