How to Set up a New Club

To set up a club a minimum of six members are needed, with at least 3 and potentially 4 committee positions to be filled: Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Any club with members who are under 18 must have a Child Protection Officer listed as a 4th Committee member.

All members of the club must have the correct Cycling Ireland membership in order to register the club.

To apply to set up a new club please submit the New Club Application form 


A club wishing to affiliate will require approval from the province in which they are based. To apply to setup a new club please submit a New Club Application here and this will be forwarded to the relevant provincial secretary for approval.

All new clubs need to be approved by the relevant provincial commission before they can start the affiliation process.

Cycling clubs based in Munster, Leinster or Connacht must pay a provincial affiliation fee each year, in addition to the Cycling Ireland affiliation fee. Clubs in Ulster don't, however an extra €11/£10 charge is levied against each member.

The Cycling Ireland fee for a new club is €100/£90 and club affiliations are valid up until the 31st December 2021.

The provincial affiliation fee is as follows:

Munster: €150

Leinster: €130

Connacht: €140

This fee is collected by Cycling Ireland along with the club affiliation fee and is then distributed to the provinces.

Once the provincial commission has approved a new club Cycling Ireland will set the club up on the system, and then club officers and members will be able to join.

Once the officers have joined (and have let CI know that they have joined) CI will give the officers admin rights to their club, so they can approve members into the club and set club fees. 

Once this is done, the club officers have final say on people joining the club and can proceed to invite potential members to join Cycling Ireland and the club. Clubs will have the option of allowing members to pay both their club fee and Cycling Ireland fee at the same time, or join the club with Cycling Ireland and paying the Cycling Ireland fee only, with the club fee paid directly to the club.

Contact Us

For further information about how to set up a club or to speak with a Cycling Ireland Membership Development Officer please contact:

Gary Lavery

Mobile: 07927561720 Office: 02838891122